No time to rip all your CD’s?

LoadPod will do it for you!  (Assuming you have an iPod and at least 50 CDs and are willing to pay $1.50 a CD and live in an area they service - which now includes Seattle).

I can certainly see the appeal, ripping a lot of CDs takes a long time.  I've probably only got about half of my CD collection on my iPod because I don't have the patience to sit and feed by PC CDs every couple of minutes.  When I get a new CD I feed it to my Media Center PC and let it rip it into WMA9 VBR for when I want to listen to it at home and then let iTunes rip it into AAC and upload it to the iPod.  At the same time I'll grab a handful of unripped CDs and let iTunes do it's thing with those as well - everything is already in WMA9 and although I could transcode them into AAC, I'd rather go direct from the CD.  Eventually I'll get everything on there, but I'm in no hurry, the good stuff is already on there.

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  1. timts says:

    I cant believe some one is too lazy to download freeware cdex, load CD, which loads CDDB info for you, then click rip to get everything….

  2. Jason says:

    Too lazy?! I only have ~1100 CDs and it took me ~80 hours using 4 computers to encode the CDs while doing other tasks… and my computers ran like crap while the processor was focused on encoding the CDs which made it difficult to do any computer tasks. The process was very time consuming and I’d be very disappointed if I had to do it again.

  3. n4cer says:

    When you rip with the MCE PC, why not rip to WMA Lossless instead of VBR? Transcoding to other formats wouldn’t be of issue then, and you wouldn’t need to re-rip from the CD.

    Of course, there is the issue of using more harddrive space when ripping to lossless, but it may be a good tradeoff in the long run.

  4. You rip everything twice, once for high-quality wma, once for smaller-sized aac? Have you tested an aac conversion from the wma vs. the same thing from the CD? If the difference isn’t that bad (and I can’t imagine it would be unless you connect your iPod to a good set of speakers), you should just encode everything from wma to aac while you sleep instead of doing the CD shuffle twice. (I am assuming you could do a ctrl+A in iTunes and select all your music and encode it all at once.)

  5. Yes, I rip everything twice. Once I’ve got a server set up and a lot more disk space I’ll be looking at ripping into lossless WMA9 and then transcoding from there.

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