DVDFile.com reviews Media Center and Secondhand Lions

DVDFile.com is the place I visit most often for news on DVD releases and reviews.  Today they've got a review up of Media Center and Media Center enhanced DVD of Secondhand Lions.

Some choice quotes:

“Released on February 3, 2004, New Line Home Entertainment's Secondhand Lions made DVD history by being the first title released with MCE enhancement.”

“the interface is quicker on average than the often cumbersome controls on a TiVo, and the ability to network the device across more than one room beats TiVo's multiple box requirements hands down.”

“ the many additional MCE functions (and optional upgrades) are mouth-watering for the dedicated technophile”

“While I must still pledge allegiance to the apple, I will admit that MCE's all-in-one approach is a precursor to the future. “

“Another DVD standard that one would not think could be greatly expanded upon is the still gallery. The MCE-enhanced version on Secondhand Lions disproves that theory. “

“By far the biggest advantage to the MCE platform is the convergence factor. At last your home theater components can "talk to each other" with a Media Center PC as the driving engine, and combined with the ability to network other display devices in your home and control it all with the touch of a remote, makes MCE one of the most exciting new technologies in years. Faces-pressed-up-to-noses is now a thing of the past and is at the heart of the MCE evolution: what was previously confined to a 2-foot experience is now ready for its 10-foot close-up. “

“Only time will tell if the studios harness the power of MCE. Until then, the technology is here. Let's hope they run with it. “

Comments (6)

  1. Chaz Bocock says:

    Hey Michael,

    Do you have a summary of the benefits of the MCE-focused additions this DVD provides?

    From the article it doesn’t seem like the MCE-version of the menu (I assume the MCE version over-rides the existing menu) offers much more over the standard DVD one?



  2. Chaz, my knowledge of the extras in the DVD is limited to what DVDFile.com report – I’ve not actually seen the DVD myself.

    — Michael

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