Star Wars on DVD (at last)

This is the DVD set I've been waiting for since I first started buying DVDs (which was about six years ago, when the number of released DVDs in the UK was about 20). 

I'm sure there will be another boxed set in the future with all six films, but I can't wait that long and besides episode I and II weren't that great - I haven't bought the DVDs for them yet and don't really plan to (unless III is really good).

It'll be interesting to see if sales of DVD players spike around the time this set gets released, it could be just the thing to persuade people that haven't switched to DVD yet to make the switch.  DVD players are getting so cheap now, $50 seems to be the entry point, we could be soon be at the point where an enterprising company (NetFlix for example) gives away a DVD player to get a customer to subscribe to their service.

I was trying to think of other films I've really enjoyed that aren't available on DVD yet, there's a few TV series from the UK that I'd like to appear on a region 1 disc, but I'm having a hard time thinking of any motion pictures that I want that haven't yet made it to DVD.  What are you waiting for to come out on DVD?

In a few years (hopefully sooner) we'll have a definite standard for a high definition replacement for DVDs, even though the DVD-Forum seem to have blessed HD-DVD, Blu-Ray still has some momentum.  If both come to market offering high definition content it's going to take a while for one to prove itself over the other.  Having two standards will only hurt the market I think.  I don't want to be in the position of needing to have two players to play high definition content from two different groups of studios.  Only time will tell which will be the winning standard and then it will be time to buy Star Wars again 🙂

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  1. Chaz Bocock says:

    Yeah, but these are the Special Edition versions of the films – Mr Lucas isn’t going to release the original versions 🙁

    Looks like I’ll have to keep my darned Laserdisc player a few more years yet!

    HD-DVD will be the last consumer physical film format I would expect. After that it’ll all be streamed over the Net. Audio CD will also be the last physical music format – DVD-Audio and SACD have sadly made no dent at all and will shortly visit the large land-fill in the sky..

    > Chaz <

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