Hello.  I'm a Software Test Engineer working in the Windows eHome division of Microsoft in the group that creates the Media Center version of Windows XP.  My area of focus is extensibility - the APIs the Media Center exposes for application developers.  I'll be writing about Media Center in general and passing along information about developing applications for Media Center.

The Media Center SDK can be downloaded from the “Developing for Media Center” page.

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  1. Dhanya says:

    I have a weird issue and so far I can’t find any help from the media center community. I have a MCE 2004 install from MSDN subscription and on 3 different computers I have tried everything except the SDK works.

    Any time Media Center tries to open the file file I get the error – Windows doesn’t know what to do with this file. It opens the standard dialog you get when a file is not associated with any program.

    This happens with three different programs I have tried including the sample that comes with media center sdk. All icons for extensions show up properly the problem happens when I click on the icon and when MCE tries to run the mcl file.

    Any ideas? I badly need help.

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