The Value of hiring a Microsoft Certified Professional

In the US Army, our Soldiers attend Advanced Individual Training schools to earn our Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). For example in the Infantry branch, as an officer, you have to finish Infantry Officer Basic Course (IOBC) to get you initial designation as an 11A (Infantry Officer). To make Major and above you have to complete the Infantry Officer Advanced Course (now called the Maneuver Captain’s Career Course). The value of training and certification for the Army is that we know we’re going to lose some of our fellow Soldiers in combat, and we need to be prepared to continue the mission with those from other units. Because we’ve all been to the same training and certification program, If and when we lose an infantry Soldier, we can regroup with Infantry Soldiers from other battalions, and continue the fight as a cohesive unit, because we know and understand the tactics and doctrine of the US Army Infantry School. Working with a team of Microsoft Certified Professionals is the same way. There’s value in hiring a Microsoft Certified Professional, because if the team hasn’t worked together before, being Microsoft Certified, means you know how the team is going to work, and what needs to be done to accomplish the larger project at hand. Listen to this video interview of Bryan Baker, President of Exsilio Consulting, as he talks about the Value of hiring a Microsoft Certified Professional. It’s very insightful. Bryan Baker Interview



George, MCSE NT4/Windows 2000


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  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    George, you need to get on Microsoft’s OCS 2007 implementation!

    By the way, your new template doesnt allow those of us who have registered for MSDN blogs site to login.

    -Wayne Anderson

  2. Hmm. Okay. that shouldn’t make a difference, but here’s the old template. Can you guys sign in now?


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