MCP 2008: Recognition, Respect, and Reward

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the new owner of the Microsoft Certified Professional Program here at Microsoft. I’m happy to announce today that we’re launching some very cool new benefits for Microsoft Certified Professionals community worldwide. These benefits are designed to help the MCP community get the recognition, respect, and rewards that all MCPs deserve for being Microsoft Certified Professionals. This is part of what we internally at Microsoft had code named MCP 2008. Today we’ve launched our new Phase 1 Benefits. MCP 2008 Phase 1 includes the following benefits below for all MCPs. As long as you have MCP ID you can login today with your windows login account at and begin accessing these benefits right away.


Certificate Manager – MCPs will be able to download their high resolution new generation Microsoft certifications in both XPS and PDF file formats. While traditional welcome kits take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery worldwide, MCPs who earn the new generation of certifications will be able to download their certificates online within 72 hours of achieving their new certifications. We’re going to slowly start adding other older certifications back in, but we decided to first reward the folks who are taking the time to keep their certifications current and up to date. We’re working to add the MCSE, MCSA, and MCSD certificates as downloadable certificates that you can download and print yourselves.

Logo Manager – MCPs will enjoy continued access to their logo library of Microsoft certification logos. Certification logos downloaded for use for their resumes, websites and business communications.

Transcript Manager - Enhanced transcripts to match the look and feel of the new generation certificates, and will be made available in both XPS and PDF file formats.

Community Profiles – MCPs worldwide will get to build and maintain their personal landing page on the website to help drive community interaction as well as improve discoverability of the MCP worldwide community of 2.1 million members. MCPs will be able to decide who can access their community profile in the online Membership Directory: worldwide public, MCP peers, or Microsoft only. I know the pages look boring and plain. That’s okay, because our MCPs are colorful and full of character…sometimes they’re real characters like Trika.

Member Directory search There are some truly amazing MCPs out there worldwide. In order to find other MCPs near you, the Member Directory Search will enable you to find folks such as, Wayne Anderson, who is an MCSE. MCPs will be able to locate their peers worldwide within a city, state or country for purposes of professional networking, MCP mentoring, and MCP community involvement.

Internal Knowledge Base Access – Folks, this is the benefit that I’m most excited about. It’s time we started treating our MCP community as part of the Microsoft family and start providing you folks some important access and benefits. Yeah, I can almost hear you thinking, “What’s the big difference? You can already search at  and find the necessary information.” Well, as a certified professional, MCPs will have privileged access to the highly coveted Microsoft internal partner level knowledge base that include exclusive technical information that is not available to the general public. Say you got Bill and Ted working in IT support for a bank. Their boss, Steve, comes in and says, hey, my scanner that used to work with Windows XP doesn’t work anymore in Vista. Can you fix this? So Bill goes and searches on and finds out that the driver isn’t available, and comes back and says, “Hey Steve, the driver isn’t available…stupid Microsoft”.  Ted, who’s is an MCP, goes and searches the internal knowledge base at and finds out that a driver was submitted, but it didn’t pass certification, and it was causing the system to crash. The Vista team has filed an open bug on the driver that their working to resolve. He also find out that the dev team is working with the hardware vendor on a driver that will be available in the next thirty days. It also provides other partner level information that is not available on the public knowledge base site. Ted comes back and tells this his manager, Steve. Steve now views Ted as knowing something that others couldn’t have told him. Because Ted is an MCP, he gets the inside track on important technical issues that will make him and other MCPs more valuable to their peers and employers worldwide. Benefits like the internal knowledge base access will give our MCP community the leg up in coming across more knowledgeable and competent, and providing a real value in hiring an MCP.

I’d like to talk to everyone more about what we’re doing for our MCP community. So on October 31st, please join me, Trika Harms zum Spreckel, and Bill Wall(Director of Certification Strategy), on a Live Meeting Webcast to MCPs worldwide as we outline and discuss the cool new MCP benefits that are being made available to Microsoft Certified Professionals worldwide on Phase 1. Live Meeting Registration links are provided below.

Registration Link for October 31 at 7:30 A.M. Pacific Time or at Registration Link for October 31 at 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time



George, MCSE Windows NT 4/2000


Georgeo X. Pulikkathara, MCSE | mcp community marketing manager| microsoft corporation | | office: (425) 707-6912 | windows mobile: (425) 749-2878 | | blog:



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  1. mdalligood says:

    Thanks for the 3 R’s! It is much appreciated from us certified kool-aid drinkers!

    On a side note, are there any plans to upgrade the certification planner? Seriously, it is in need of a cosmetic makeover.

  2. I know, I know. William(Bill) Wall is our man for that. He’s the director of Certification Strategy here at Microsoft Learning. He’s going to be on the Live Webcast on October 31st. I recommend you attend and we should have you ask that question to Bill.

  3. George Pulikkathara over at Microsoft (the guy who owns the Microsoft Certified Professional program)…

  4. Hello, this just in. new things in MCP benefits are now available online. Great! In addition to the Community

  5. jhonnycano says:

    Hello there:

    Currently I am studying for the certification for .NET (Exam 70-536). Is stil this the correct path for the best .Net certification? or should I orient my study for 2008? Can someone help me?


    70-536 gives you credit towards MCTS .NET Framework 2.0. When you’re saying 2008, i’m assuming you mean an MCPD for Visual Studio 2008 which includes .NET 4.0. Is that correct?


  7. jacksin says:

    Hi George,

    After looking at the MCP Member site, yes, all the new functions are what the MCP are looking for.

    But…Just want to ask, it is possible that, when we download the transcript in the pdf format, microsoft can sign the pdf so that the employer / HR Staff will know that this is a offical transcript??

    Maybe…it is not required for somebody. But for those sending the resume through emails, it could be helpful, Right? 🙂

    sorry my poor English.

  8. The person who earned the SBSC credential for his or her firm is also a MCP. And did you know that MCP's

  9. MVPs says:

    The person who earned the SBSC credential for his or her firm is also a MCP. And did you know that MCP's

  10. .NET Bits says:

    Just yesterday , I was trying to look up some one on the MCP directory (

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