Visual Studio Solution Starters and Templates for CCAUII

This is an update of an article I wrote in 2010,  that is now up to date with the current solution starter package. Picking though the examples and documentation for UII to figure out how to setup your first ( or 10th ) hosted control, adapter, or CTI adapter is a bit of a pain….


Mapping Hosted Applications to Agent Groups in UII

One of the fundamental features that we had in Customer Care Framework dealt with how we grouped hosted application, workflows and such using groups and roles via AzMan.  When CCF was re-platformed to CRM, the CCF administration console and the use of AzMan was discontinued.  However we didn’t do away with that feature set at…


CCA/UII Launches… The evolution of Customer Care Framework (CCF)

Microsoft Customer Care Framework is now User Interface Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or UII for short. UII is the evolved core engine of CCF, covering the Application Integration Framework, HAT and CTI.  The CCF Configuration management server has been replaced with Dynamics CRM 4.0, which makes installing and configuring the UII environment much simpler…


Customer Care Framework 2009 sp1 QFE is released!

The CCF 2009 sp1 QFE was officially released and posted up on MSDN for folks that can download from there. Their a number of updates in the QFE,  You can read the summary here : One of the most exciting bits in this release ( at least to me ) is the rollout of…


Working with late loading Frames and Script in CCF

What the Heck is that? When a Browser page that loads multiple levels of frames, or IFrames, with or without Java script attached to those frames is called up in IE, you will get Doc Complete alerts for each of the frames and IFrames loaded into the env. The problem is that those Frame are…


Creating a CCF Customer Provider for Dynamics CRM

CCF includes a reference capability for retrieving customer data via server side request. This is provides an ability to access one or more data sources from a known access point within your network. This capability was developed to deal with the often stringent requirement that certain types of service calls, and data access must be…


Customer Care Framework ( CCF ) and Dynamics CRM 4.0 – What’s this all about?

As a Microsoft Technical Specialist focusing on customer care solutions, I often get asked questions regarding how Microsoft Customer Care Framework (CCF) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM work together, when they should be put together, and how they relate to one another. As a result, I thought it would be useful to share some of my…