Visual Studio Solution Starters and Templates for CCAUII

This is an update of an article I wrote in 2010,  that is now up to date with the current solution starter package. Picking though the examples and documentation for UII to figure out how to setup your first ( or 10th ) hosted control, adapter, or CTI adapter is a bit of a pain….


Adding and triggering custom audit events in CCAUII

As most folks who work with CCA\UII know,  UII has its own auditing system that audits events for the agent desktop.  I recently was asked how to go about adding a custom audit event and storing that information in UII’s audit system. Audit events shipped with UII These are events that are installed by default……


Customer Care Accelerator for Microsoft CRM 2011 Released.

  CCA for CRM 2011 officially went out the door for folks today and it is now available publicly. You can head over to Microsoft Pinpoint and pick it up here or you can find it on the Dynamics Marketplace here. As a bit of a teaser… here is a screen shot or 2 of…


Customer Care Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 just around the corner

  Many folks have been asking when there was going to be a update of CCA and UII for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.   The answer is in short. YES We have been working on it for several months, however only just recently were we given permission to talk about it publicly With the launch of…


Updated ICCCCA VPC on Dynamics PartnerSource.

I have had several requests as to where partners can access the updated ICC VPC,   These items are up on Dynamics PartnerSource, however the links for the ICC Page still point at the old expired image. While we are getting this fixed,  I’m going to provide a direct link here for getting to the various…


How to override the CRM 4.0 popup alert in CCA when redirecting a popup.

How to stop the CRM Popup alert when you grab a window and re-host it to another tab, while suppressing the OnNewWindow event is a common issue that developers working with CCA have..  If you tried to suppress a CRM popup and redirect it… you’ve probably seen this message a few times: So how do…


Using HAT with CRM in CCA

HAT is a useful tool,  its pretty easy to use (once you get the basic’s) and fairly simple to debug.  However there are some times when using HAT with CRM, or other complex applications, seems to throw you a curve ball I am going to take you though a few common scenarios and solve them…


Visual Studio Project Starter’s for CCAUII

Picking though the examples and documentation for UII to figure out how to setup your first ( or 10th ) hosted control, adapter, or CTI adapter is a bit of a pain.  Not to mention a bit time consuming… most of the time in the CCF Days, I would just grab another control I had…


A few undocumented events in the Hosted Application Toolkit..

Yep.. I said it… there are a few Easter Eggs in the Hosted application toolkit that you can use to trigger your automations. How did that happen?  Well, somewhere along the way in the translation of documentation from CCF 2009Sp1 QFE to UII v1 the UII System level events that you can register in HAT…


Understanding and Using CTI in UIICCA

CTI in UII is one of the more interesting and powerful additions to the UII system.  The downside of that is that we don’t have a lot of documentation on actually HOW to use it :)  yes.. I know DETAILS…. Yves Pitch, Program manager for UII, has posted a good walk though of creating a…