Updated ICCCCA VPC on Dynamics PartnerSource.

I have had several requests as to where partners can access the updated ICC VPC,   These items are up on Dynamics PartnerSource, however the links for the ICC Page still point at the old expired image.

While we are getting this fixed,  I'm going to provide a direct link here for getting to the various files.

You MUST have a Dynamics PartnerSource account to access these files.

The VPC is made up of several files to make it easier to download.

CCA 2010 VPC.part01.exe
CCA 2010 VPC.part02.rar
CCA 2010 VPC.part03.rar
CCA 2010 VPC.part04.rar
CCA 2010 VPC.part05.rar
CCA 2010 VPC.part06.rar

Once you download and run the exe, which will rebuild the VHD,  You will be able to register this on Virtual server or using the Virtual PC Client.

This image and scenario is identical to the original ICC image, with the exception that Desktop is based on CCA UII vs. CCF 2009 and parts of the OCS integration have been disable


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