CRM Integrated Customer Care Demo VPC released to partners. (CRM ICC VPC)

I have not posted much in the last month or so, as I have been busy working with several people on developing a customer service VPC to showcase Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft technologies.  Now that it is complete and posted to Partner Source I can talk about it 🙂

The demo is called the CRM ICC Demo VPC. It shows a banking scenario built using Dynamics CRM and XRM at the core, an agent desktop shell, SharePoint for contact center portal and OCS for agent to agent communications. This demo shows how, using Microsoft Technologies, you can enable contact centers with a single view of your applications in an integrated agent desktop

Its important to note that this is a Solution in the sense that it is made of more then one product,  it is targeted at 250 – 500+ Seat contact centers where there is a need to provide a unified UI, CTI, process automation across applications, case management and contact tracking.

You can Download it from here
*Note!  you need to be a member of partner source to get to it and download it.

Sneak peak for folks that are interested …


This is a view of the CRM ICC demo while doing a Case create within CRM,  there is a lot more to it from there, though.

The system leverages the XRM aspects of Dynamics CRM to do things like, high speed search on accounts and contacts, activity auditing, tracking calls, updating cases, navigating between things in CRM, handling email and a lot more.  Additionally, we also demo some Microsoft services assets around task guidance and OCS.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Comments (5)

  1. Kamau says:


    Since the 2009 VPC has expired, has the ICC functionality been built on to the 2010 one.

  2. MattB-MSFT says:

    Yes,  an updated version of this is on the 2010 ICC VPC.

  3. Arvind says:

    Can someone please provide the link to the updated version of VPC?

  4. Srini says:

    Hello Matt,

    Can you please provide the updated version link for the VPC? It would be of great help.


  5. MattB-MSFT says:

    I add a post to get you guys directly to the download :…/updated-icc-cca-vpc-on-dynamics-partnersource.aspx

    You must be on PartnerSource to access this.

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