How to fix building a strong type lib for CRM 7.1 (CRM 2015 Online Update 1) Errors

If your using an older version of the CrmSvcUtil.exe to generate a strongly typed lib for your projects,  you may have noticed that it seems to have stopped working against CRM Online with the 7.1 update ( carina or CRM 2015 Online Update .1 ).  Your probably seeing an error or errors that looks like…


PowerShell via Xrm.Tooling.Connector and cleaning up USD Entities

So I found myself sitting in a USD training class the other day…. At the tail end of the Extreme CRM conference in Madrid this last week ( 4/2015 ) I found myself sitting in a USD Training class, when a situation came up where a student had “broken” their deployment.  Suffice to say that…


Configuring Azure Service Bus endpoint and CRM Plugin Steps

Wow its been a while since I posted here;  As most of you have seen, the Dynamics CRM world as been quite busy ( 3 Releases of CRM, Mobile apps, USD Added to the product, New Tools and such ) been a busy year or so.  So folks,  I apologize for being absent from the…


Support and SDK info Released for CRM codename Orion

The CRM Team blog just posted an update to the implementation planning guide and to the SDK that cover a number of important things to know about the next major Microsoft Dynamics CRM release.. You can find more here CRM TEAM BLOG: What’s Changing in the Next Release? Head over and check it out.


Visual Studio Solution Starters and Templates for CCAUII

This is an update of an article I wrote in 2010,  that is now up to date with the current solution starter package. Picking though the examples and documentation for UII to figure out how to setup your first ( or 10th ) hosted control, adapter, or CTI adapter is a bit of a pain….


Adding and triggering custom audit events in CCAUII

As most folks who work with CCA\UII know,  UII has its own auditing system that audits events for the agent desktop.  I recently was asked how to go about adding a custom audit event and storing that information in UII’s audit system. Audit events shipped with UII These are events that are installed by default……


CRM 2011 Prepopulating Opportunity and Quote Price List, Unit and Quantity.

Recently I’ve been presented a number of scenarios where the built in CRM Opportunity and Quoting modules are very close to what is needed for a given customer requirement.  However the process does not need or really want to use pricelist, Unit or quantity for a product on the Opportunity or Quote.. So the challenge……


How to override the CRM 2011 popup alert in CCA when redirecting a popup *Update*

This is an update to a prior blog post here How to stop the CRM Popup alert when you grab a window and re-host it to another tab, while suppressing the OnNewWindow event is a common issue that developers working with CCA have.. If you tried to suppress a CRM popup and redirect it… you’ve…


CRM Oct-2011 SDK update and new authentication method.

With the roll out of the CRM 2011 on Office 365,  a new authentication process was added to support it and allow for delegated authentication for CRM online.  This authentication method also works for CRM Online (Live) and all forms of Premise base authentication. Lets talk about History for just min. There are several ways…


Installing the Customer Care Accelerator ( CCA ) for CRM 2011

One of the things that Iv needed to do for a while is write up a detailed step by step of how to get CCA built and working for folks outside MS,  as fate would have it, one thing after another kept coming up and I finally got around to starting to work on it…