Introduction to WF 3.5 / Mettez vous à table avec Workflow Foundation 3.5

[English] The new version of the .net framework (3.5) brings new features: C# 3, VB9, LINQ, extension methods etc. In WF, the main evolution comes with the integration of WCF (Windows Communication Foundation). It means: Specific controls to call or export workflow activities in WCF New hosting library New WF templates in VS 2008 In…


WCF Performance comparison article

Even if i find this article not completed ( no comparison with WSE 3.0, Java WS …) , this article is a good overview about WCF performances with Microsoft technologies.

How to: Callback function with WCF

  The goal is to inform the client that the server process has progressed: Situation: You have to update a lot of data on the server. You can use a web Service which will update your database. Each time a field is updated, the server can inform the client with the callback function. Code on…


ClickOnce & WCF

A good feedback from Matias Woloski about Click Once and WCF :