Create your Media Center applications with Silverlight / Créez vos applications Media Center avec Silverlight.

[English] Media Center uses the engine for internet explorer within Windows Media Center’s own browser window and use MSHTML to host html applications. What does it mean? Well that’s a great news for Silverlight developersJ. We can develop Silverlight application which will be accessible through windows media center. You will have to develop a javascript…


Merge Silverlight and DeepZoom to explore your panoramic images with Microsoft Image Composite Editor / Combiner Silverlight et DeepZoom pour explorer vos images panoramiques avec Microsoft Image Composite Editor

[English] Today I talked with my colleague Aurelien ( who told me about Microsoft Image Composite Editor. This tool manages your panoramic images to create a high-resolution panorama. (An algorithm automatically place source images and determine panorama type). You can export the result with different image formats: JPEG, PNG …. and DeepZoom J For more…


How to Enable Web Service Extension and Set Web Site AppPool with PowerShell / Comment activer une extension de site web ou modifier l’Application Pool d’un site web en PowerShell

[English] PowerShell is very powerful and allows you to script and manage easily your IT. The following scripts show you how you can use WMI to manage IIS 6. Set App Pool $newVDir =[wmi] ‘root\MicrosoftIISv2:IIsWebVirtualDirSetting.Name="W3SVC/1/ROOT/MaxVirtDir"’ $newVDir.AppPoolId = "MaxAppPool" $newVDir.Put() Enable Web Service Extension (WebDav for example) $Sites=[wmi]’root/MicrosoftIISv2:IISWebService="W3SVC"’ $Sites.EnableWebServiceExtension(‘WEBDAV’) [Français] PowerShell est très puissant et vous…


Architecture guidance and best practices in Silverlight 2 / Guide d’architecture et bonnes pratiques en Silverlight 2

[English] Now that you are a master in Silverlight 2 concepts (, that you played with controls ( and and enjoyed your friends with DeepZomm demos (, you just have to develop a full application 🙂 To help you, the following links may help you to design your architecture and manage resources. Composite application…


MSDN a 10 ans : les développeurs vont faire la fête

MSDN fête ses 10 ans, et pour l’occasion, Microsoft France organise un grand jeu-concours jusqu’au 19 avril. C’est gratuit et de nombreux lots sont à gagner. Alors n’hésitez pas 🙂 Pour l’inscription et plus d’info:


How to create a cool menu (Mac OS style) with Silverlight ? / Comment créer un menu cool (style Mac OS) en Silverlight ?

[English] Silverlight contrib alpha 2 has recently been releasing. We can find a “cool menu” control which allows us to easily build a “Mac OS dock bar” menu style. The CoolMenu control contains items collection, named CoolMenuItemCollection. Each Item, represented by a CoolMenuItem object, contains a content property which can host any objects type: Image,…


Silverlight streaming solution

[English] Video is more anymore present on the web. The success of specialized sites (YouTube, Dailymotion) and VOD sites bring new scenarios and technologies like Flash and Silverlight have real added values in this domain. For the first version, Silverlight took advantage with HD support. The version 2, released a few days ago, integrate the…


Silverlight BluePrint for Sharepoint

The Silverlight 2 Beta 2 BluePrint for Sharepoint has just been release. It provides guidances and samples to learn and illustrate how to integrate Silverlight application with Sharepoint. For more information:


How to write or draw in your Silverlight Web application / Comment écrire ou dessiner dans votre application Silverlight.

[English] Easy with the InkPresenter Control :-). This control sets the surface where we could draw. It contains a Stroke Collection to set the style of our lines (color, size …). Each stroke contains a StylusPoint collection which represents points linked by our line So, a line is defined by a set of points (Stylus…