Upgrading your enterprise to Office clients to 2010 – performance incentives

The last couple years have been very interesting from a collaboration, social, IT, and end-user productivity perspectives.  We have a seen a tremendous growth of unstructured documentation – or the recognition of it – which leads to companies to want more efficient collaboration tools. The so called shift of generations, events like the economy breakdown…


Little Central Administration Security Bug with SharePoint 2010

  I ran into a little frustrating issue earlier with my Stand Alone installation on Windows 7 – my account had access to the Central Administration but some options weren’t there (like manage services on server) and others were giving me Access Denied.  The ‘New Web Application’ was grayed out with a text saying I…


Installing SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7

I had a mission this week where I wanted to find out how to install SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7.  I’m currently attending the SharePoint Ignite for Implementers – however, this subject isn’t covered in the sessions so I wanted to test it out at the same time while I have other tech guys around….


Error in PortalCrawl Web Service when crawling people with SharePoint 2010

I was playing with User Profiles and Search with SharePoint 2010 and I was getting some odd results.  First of all, I would get results from the user’s ‘my sites’, but not actual ‘people’.  By looking at the scopes, I could see that no results were available for the People scope. So I checked up…


Missed out on SharePoint Conference? SharePoint will be at the PDC!

For those who missed out on the SharePoint Conference and are still looking to view SharePoint 2010 goodies, there will be a good portion of the PDC that will be focused on SharePoint.   Steve Fox has a good post on this here.   Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the PDC this…


One or more types failed to load error when using the SharePoint 2007 Wizard

I have been playing much with 2010 (client and server) lately so it brought me a new problem with 2007!   If you have the Office 2010 CTP client installed and you try to run the SharePoint 2007 Wizard, it will fail quickly on step 2 with the error "One or more types failed to…


BlobCache, Style Library, and anonymous users

As a follow-up to Chris O’Brien’s posts regarding BlobCache and 304s, which can be found here and here, I wanted to clarify the situation as to when you may have 304s. By default, the Style Library (and Master Pages gallery for that matter) is breaking permission inheritance.  However, during its creation, the SPList.AllowEveryoneViewItems property is…


Variation Strategy #2 to remove label overwrites – cancel updates!

In this first Variation Strategy post, the solution was not the most elegant but the only out of the box one.  The main problem I’m facing with customers is that they simply want variations on ItemCreated only.  They do not care about updates done in the original language as to their impact to the other…


Reapplying changes from a customized file originally deployed through features

In most if not all scenarios, you will be deploying your files (Page Layouts, Master pages, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) through a Feature.  If you leave them as is, they are called “Uncustomized” and will reference the files on disk.  Any updates to the files – which you would normally do through a solution upgrade –…