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  1. Hi Maxime,

    I have a multi-tenant environment (SharePoint 2010 ). Service farm and application farm. Claims authentication. Different tenants are hosted by one web app.

    I would like to crawl each tenant independently. I just create a new content source and add the host URL of one tenant.

    After having started a full crawl I get 0 success and 1 warning : “This URL is part of a host header SharePoint deployment and the search application is not configured to crawl individual host header sites. This will be crawled as a part of the host header Web application if configured as a start address.”

    If I setup a content source to crawl the all shared environment, the crawl is done successfully. (URL added in the content source settings = URL of the web app hosting the multi tenant / Crawl everything under the hostname for each start address has been selected when creating this content source.)

    There is a way to setup a crawl/content source by tenant?

    Thanks in advance



  2. MaximeB says:

    Hi Baldo,

    not to my knowledge, you set it up to crawl the whole web application.  In your situation, you need to have a different Schedule for a specific tenant?


  3. Hi Maxime,

    Yes, we need to have different schedule for a specific tenant.


  4. MaximeB says:

    it's by design as far as I know but I haven't played with this in a while.  Otherwise, you'd have to use the other parameter and create a content source that explicitely détails all addresses it needs to crawl (i.e.: 1 by 1, not the root address), and create another one for your special tenant that will have a different Schedule.  I don't have a multi-tenant setup close-by to test it though.