Updated version uploaded: Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site Release 2

Looks like there is an update to the Starter Site Release 2 you can still download it from MSDownload. How to tell you have the right download? I looked at the original release 2 and the file version for CommerceComponents.dll is 6.0.3863.0 and the update release 2 is 6.0.4109.0. How to tell which files were…


OrderForm Visualizer

Have you developed a pipeline component and then started to debug it and found that you couldn’t drill down the OrderForm, Dictionary and SimpleList objects? Well here is the solution. I created this Visualizer to help with the debugging process of pipeline components. What is a Visualizer? Visualizers allows the displays of a variable or…


Starter Site Documentation

Looks like we have documentation for the starter site, you can find it here.


Free Commerce Server 2007, SQL 2005, Visual Studio Web, and C# Express

Did you know that Commerce Server 2007 Developer Edition can run using SQL Express as the data store and Visual Studio Web Express to edit your Starter Site and that’s not all you can download the Visual C# Express to create application with Commerce Server 2007. Of course this is not tested by the product…


Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site is RTW

Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site now available With the included sample data, the Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site helps you build an online store complete with product details, shopping cart, checkout processes, and marketing support. Use the Starter Site as a guideline for building front-end Web sites for Commerce Server 2007.


Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site CTP

The Commerce Server team is pleased to announce that a Technology Preview of the Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site is now available. This release is designed to provide our community with a guideline for building a front-end website for Commerce Server 2007. The release includes an installation guide and readme, but does not include full…


Commerce Server 2007 Partner Software Development Kit

Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Partner Software Development Kit (SDK) makes available source code and documentation to customize the Commerce Server Business User tools – Catalog Manager, Marketing Manager, and Customer and Orders Manager – for redistribution to your customers (subject to terms of license).Recommended System Requirements A computer with a 2.0 GHz or better processor…