Reach out and touch Messagemanager

If you are creating your own pipeline components and your site is international and you need more than the four languages that is out of the box German, French, Japanese and US English for Commerce Server then you need to create your own resource for other languages. How to create a new resource is what…


OrderForm Visualizer

Have you developed a pipeline component and then started to debug it and found that you couldn’t drill down the OrderForm, Dictionary and SimpleList objects? Well here is the solution. I created this Visualizer to help with the debugging process of pipeline components. What is a Visualizer? Visualizers allows the displays of a variable or…


PayPal is looking for a few good customers :)

  PayPal has just announced that they are looking for a few early adopters. If you want to test their component developed for Commerce Server then follow the instruction on their blog site.    Do you use Microsoft Commerce Server 2007? – PayPal Developer Blog – PayPal Developer Community


Support for SQL replication of the profiles and of the transactions database

I wrote a blog a while ago that Commerce Server SP1 with SQL 2005 SP2 supported replication with Profiles and transaction database. Now I can confirm that this is a supported scenario here is the KB Article. I am disappointed that the KB article does not walk the user step by step and setting up your…


How To Deal With Large Orders And Improve Checkout Performance

There are some scenarios were you need to handle 100 or more line items and performance becomes an issue. So in this post I hope to provide you with some ideas on how you can speed up the performance of the Checkout path. Checkout Path What is the checkout path? The checkout process starts from…


Do you have your eye on it CS2007 SP1

Commerce Server 2007 Service Pack 1 is due out end of June if all goes well :), keep your eye on it. There are two things note worthy: Replication of Orders and Profiles DatabaseThis was a design change request that was introduced right after the product went live so a lot of testing wen into it….


PayPal: What’s New and What’s Next – PayPal Developer Blog – PayPal Developer Community

  Here is some good news for those who are looking for PayPal integration. Apparently the PayPal team is looking to integrate with Commerce Server and are going to release something this fall for Commerce Server 2007 and 2002 for more information check out the PayPal developer blog.   Payment Modules Coming this fall: Microsoft…


How to enable pipeline pooling

I was asked by a few folks on how do you create poolable pipeline components? After talking with David Messner, I learned that all you need to do is create a category and mark it appropriately. We seem to document this “PooledPipeline Object” but missing a few key items. We are missing the C++ header…


Using SelfSSL with Commerce Server 2007

You may experience the following error when connecting to Orders or Profiles Web Service: ExceptionThe underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. Inner Exception{“The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.”} This is due to no correctly adding the certificate to the Trusted Certificate. Try the following command…