Virtual Catalog Limitation

I was working with a client and they run into an error that they had reached their Virtual Catalog limit. This was an issue with the previous versions of the product (Catalog Name and Size Restrictions and the interop API IProductCatalog3::AddVirtualCatalogRule Method throws an exception E_CAT_VC_TOO_MANY_BASECATALOGS) but I thought that we had removed this limitation…


A few things you didn’t know about Commerce Server’s Catalog Cache

One of the most important aspect of any e-commerce is their Catalog(s) and Commerce Server provides a system that allows customers to manage and organize their products. In any e-commerce site the most profile usage the Catalog. Searches and Catalog browsing constitutes about 70 percent or more of a site. Performance becomes an issue when you…


Catalog Web Service and SetJoin API Configuration

I was debugging why the Catalog Web Service was not working with my Set Join API and found that the documentation was pointing to the runtime site web.config values (which is incorrect). What this means is the Catalog Web Service web.config is configured differently slightly different. I worked with the Product Group and we found…


Looking for Commerce Server Training?

Look no further. I have just completed my first video tutorial for Commerce Server Catalog System. It’s about six hours of video and 850 megs. For more details on how to get it and when it will be available see Training Outline @ Commerce Server Training.   I will be working on the next video and…


Do you have your eye on it CS2007 SP1

Commerce Server 2007 Service Pack 1 is due out end of June if all goes well :), keep your eye on it. There are two things note worthy: Replication of Orders and Profiles DatabaseThis was a design change request that was introduced right after the product went live so a lot of testing wen into it….


Adding Image Management to your Commerce Site Part (V)

Welcome to the last post of our Image Management System, this certainly has been a long post. I hope that by now you see some value in taking some time and designing your system instead of coding first and now some code:). If you have not created any of the wire frame projects now would…


Adding Image Management to your Commerce Site Part (IV)

  So far we have figured out our requirements and created a design out of that. In the last post we created our database structure to support the image management system. In this post we will create the wire frame projects to support our API’s for Image Management and display them on the website. So I…


Product Bundling with Commerce Server 2007

What is a Product Bundle? A product bundle is a purchasable SKU that is made up of a collection of one or more SKU’s that exist in the catalog system and is separately priced. Two examples of a product bundle: In the high tech and telecommunication/cable industry business users want the ability to group together…


Adding Image Management to your Commerce Site Part(III)

Let’s take a trip to memory lane and see what we have learned so far. We gathered some requirements and from that we created an architecture design. Now we are going to try to develop what we have designed. Product Catalog Database We need to figure out our Database Design first. So let’s get back…