Support for SQL replication of the profiles and of the transactions database

I wrote a blog a while ago that Commerce Server SP1 with SQL 2005 SP2 supported replication with Profiles and transaction database. Now I can confirm that this is a supported scenario here is the KB Article. I am disappointed that the KB article does not walk the user step by step and setting up your…


How to fix profile definition in Commerce Server 2007: "Loading Editor" message

  If you have installed Commerce Server 2007 with default installation on Windows 2003 you may receive a message “Loading Editor” when navigating to Commerce Server Manager’s Profile Definition. This is due to installing Windows Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration components.   To fix this see the following KB article: Message when you use Commerce…


Do you have your eye on it CS2007 SP1

Commerce Server 2007 Service Pack 1 is due out end of June if all goes well :), keep your eye on it. There are two things note worthy: Replication of Orders and Profiles DatabaseThis was a design change request that was introduced right after the product went live so a lot of testing wen into it….


Upcomming Profile Webcast

[This is for Friday May 11th 8AM-9:30AM Pacific Daylight Time PDT] Live From Redmond Series – Commerce Server 2007 Development Webcasts! Hi there, we’re launching a series of webcasts targeting Commerce Server 2007 developers. These sessions are developer presented and intended to provide you with a direct in-depth connection to the development team. The first…


How to Control the Profile Cache

I was Recently asked about, how do you control the Profile Cache? This post will answer this question. Profile Cache The ProfileService cache differs from other caches in Commerce Server because it does not use the ASP.NET component nor is it configurable in the web.config. Instead, it includes its own built-in cache of profile objects….


How to Search On multiple Profile properties

The following is a sample code on how to search for multiple profile properties. Note that the Profiles Search handles only And operator when joining search clauses.              // Declare return variable.            string returnValue = String.Empty;             // Declare ProfileManagementContext.            ProfileManagementContext profile;             // Instantiate ProfileManagementContext as an instance of the             // Profiles Web service.           …


Using SelfSSL with Commerce Server 2007

You may experience the following error when connecting to Orders or Profiles Web Service: ExceptionThe underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. Inner Exception{“The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.”} This is due to no correctly adding the certificate to the Trusted Certificate. Try the following command…