Commerce Server and daylight saving time

Starting in 2007, the start date and the end date for DST in the United States will be adjusted to comply with the Energy Policy Act of 2005. DST in the United States will start three weeks earlier than it has started in the past. DST in the United States will start at 2:00 A.M….


Commerce Server Data Warehouse Webcast Released

  Presenters: Brian Blum and Alan Faulkner, MicrosoftThe Commerce Server Data Warehouse is a combination of a SQL Server database, an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database, and a set of processes that a system administrator uses to import and maintain data. In this three-part series, Brian and Alan will walk you through extending the Data…


Errors on Commerce Server site on

Recently I was made aware of a few errors on three documents about Commerce Server. The documents in question Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Technical OverviewCommerce Server 2007 EditionsCommerce Server 2007 Data Sheet The Error The documents state that DWA is part of Standard Commerce Server SKU but it’s not. Only the Enterprise SKU has this…