The Commerce Server 2007 Install and Readme documentation has been updated

Now that we have the Commerce Server SP2 the following documentation has also been updated. Commerce Server 2007 Readme Commerce Server 2007 Install Guide Commerce Server 2007 Mom Pack Commerce Server 2007 SP2-readme-web Commerce Server 2007 Quick Install Guide The documentation was updated to include Windows 2003, 2008, XP and Vista as well as the…


Did you ever wanted downloadable help file for Commerce Server?

I have been asked for a very long time, to have downloadable Commerce Server help files. Currently, the only way to get the help files is to install Commerce Server, and you only have one choice of help format (hsx). I researched mtps to create a tool allowing folks to get the XHTML content from MSDN for Commerce…


Updated: Commerce Server 2007 Migration

We recently updated the Migration document to contain a section about Post Migration Data Management. This section describes the steps that you should perform to remove nonessential data after you complete the migration of your Commerce Server site. Use SQL Enterprise Manager (for SQL Server 2000) or SQL Server Management Studio (for SQL Server 2005)…


Released: Commerce Server 2007 Documentation Update October 2006

Our documentation folks have done a wonderful job of delivering the Commerce Server 2007 distributed help file updates.    Link to Download details: Commerce Server 2007 Documentation Update October 2006


The CS2007 French, German and Japanese Documentation released!

  Japanese: German: French:


Partner SDK Documentation

Download the Partner SDK documentation here.