Another Commerce Server Training Event

Last October I hosted a Training Event here in LA and was very successful. People from all over the world came and were very happy with the results. Due to popular demand I am hosting another event. This will also be held in LA.

Training Event

Training event is scheduled for Mon 11/17/2008 and ends Fri 11/21/2008. This is 5 day deep dive into Commerce Server starting daily 9-5 PM. On Friday we may end early. Cost of the event is $2495.00 per student. There is how ever a group discount. To register please follow this link Commerce Server Training site.

Commerce Server Los Angeles Training Experience

What you will learn systems Catalog, Orders, Profile, Marketing and Data Warehouse. We will also do some short segments on the Partner SDK, CSS and BizTalk Adapters.

You'll learn Commerce Server from Max Akbar <-- me :). I was a Program Manger for Commerce Server 2007 and help develop many of the product's features before working with the Commerce Server Product Group I was with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) and worked with various enterprises implementing Commerce Server solutions. This training session will be hands on lots of demos and coding with labs.

What you will take back with you are several tools created by yours truly for Commerce Server. Two video tutorials Catalog and Orders featured at Commerce Server Training site.

Here is a rough outline of day to day activity.

Day one

In day one you will learn Installation, Configuration, Deployment a Commerce Site and Secure your deployment.

  • Commerce Server Overview
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Software requirements
  • Commerce Editions
  • Base Deployment
  • Enterprise Deployment
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Securing your Deployment
  • Administration of Commerce Server

Day two

Catalog System

  • Catalog Overview
  • Catalog Architecture
  • Catalog Management Applications
  • Catalog APIs
  • Catalog Design
  • Catalog Database Overview
  • Catalog Resource
  • Catalog Security
  • Pipelines and Catalogs
  • Catalog Web Service
  • Catalog Adapters
  • Staging Catalogs
  • Catalog and the Data Warehouse System
  • Advanced Catalog topics
  • Best Practices with the Catalog System
  • Trouble Shooting The Catalog System

Inventory System

  • Inventory Catalog
  • Inventory Architecture
  • Inventory Management Applications
  • Inventory API
  • Inventory Resource

Day Three

Order System

  • Orders Overview
  • Orders Overview Part(II)
  • Orders Architecture
  • Orders Management Applications
  • Orders Runtime API
  • Orders Management API
  • Order Processing Pipeline
  • Orders Design
  • Orders Databases Overview
  • Orders Config Databases Overview
  • Orders Runtime Web.config
  • Orders Web Service
  • Orders Mapped Storage
  • Orders Resource
  • Orders Security
  • Orders Adapter
  • Staging Orders
  • Orders and the Data Warehouse System
  • Advanced Orders topics
  • Best Practices with the Orders System
  • Trouble Shooting The Orders System

Day four


  • Advertisements
  • Discounts
  • Coupons
  • Expressions
  • Lists
  • Direct Mailer
  • Marketing System Architecture
  • Marketing System API

Profile System

  • What is Profile Management
  • Profile Features
  • Profile Architecture
  • Profile API
  • Profile Encryption

Day five

Data Warehouse, Partner SDK, BizTalk Adapters and Commerce Server Staging.

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