Released: Commerce Server 2007 Documentation Update October 2006

Our documentation folks have done a wonderful job of delivering the Commerce Server 2007 distributed help file updates.    Link to Download details: Commerce Server 2007 Documentation Update October 2006


The CS2007 French, German and Japanese Documentation released!

  Japanese: German: French:


Adding Image Management to your Commerce Site Part (IV)

  So far we have figured out our requirements and created a design out of that. In the last post we created our database structure to support the image management system. In this post we will create the wire frame projects to support our API’s for Image Management and display them on the website. So I…


Commerce Server Pre-Training Resources

  We are working hard to get training materials ready for Commerce Server 2007. We hope that they will be ready by early this year. When we release the training, you will be able to schedule it with one of our qualified Microsoft Certified Trainers. When the time is near, I will blog about this….


Answers to MSIB Migration

I am always asked how to migrate a MSIB site? So in this post I will do my best to give you some guidance and resources to help you get the answers. MSIB in a nutshell MSIB was a solution based on two products Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 and Microsoft Content Manager 2002. The MSIB solution code…


Windows XP and Commerce Server 2007

Commerce Server 2007 can be installed on windows XP but there are reason why you should stay away. Keep your development environment in the same configuration as your production it makes solving issues that much easier. Because Windows XP runs IIS 5.x you do not have the Application Pool as in IIS 6. To resolve…


How to enable an ASP.Net application to run on a SharePoint virtual server

This article describes how to configure an ASP.NET application to run on a virtual server that is running Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services or Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003.How to enable an ASP.Net application to run on a SharePoint virtual server


Extending Commerce Server 2007 Web Services

Recently I was asked how do you extend the Commerce Server Web Services? Commerce Server Web Services There are four Commerce Server Web Services: Profiles Catalog and Inventory Orders Marketing All of the Web Service can be extended as the web method are all virtual so you will need to inherit the Web Service then…


How to Search On multiple Profile properties

The following is a sample code on how to search for multiple profile properties. Note that the Profiles Search handles only And operator when joining search clauses.              // Declare return variable.            string returnValue = String.Empty;             // Declare ProfileManagementContext.            ProfileManagementContext profile;             // Instantiate ProfileManagementContext as an instance of the             // Profiles Web service.           …


Using SelfSSL with Commerce Server 2007

You may experience the following error when connecting to Orders or Profiles Web Service: ExceptionThe underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. Inner Exception{“The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.”} This is due to no correctly adding the certificate to the Trusted Certificate. Try the following command…