Adding Image Management to your Commerce Site Part(III)

Let’s take a trip to memory lane and see what we have learned so far. We gathered some requirements and from that we created an architecture design. Now we are going to try to develop what we have designed. Product Catalog Database We need to figure out our Database Design first. So let’s get back…


Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site is RTW

Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site now available With the included sample data, the Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site helps you build an online store complete with product details, shopping cart, checkout processes, and marketing support. Use the Starter Site as a guideline for building front-end Web sites for Commerce Server 2007.


Commerce Server 2007 Tips, Tricks, Recipes and Gotchas

Using SelfSSL with Commerce Server 2007 How to Search On multiple Profile properties How to enable an ASP.Net application to run on a SharePoint virtual server Windows XP and Commerce Server 2007 Commerce Server Staging API samples How to iterate properties of a product and get if property is set to DisplayOnSite


Fix Commerce Server 2007 After Renaming Machine Name

  There are time you have to change your machine name post a Commerce Server 2007 installation and after doing so you render your Commerce Server in operable. No matter what your scenario is I will give you two solutions. These solutions are recommended for single server deployments only. Supported Solution The supported solution only works…


Simplifying Authorization Management of Commerce Server Web Services

To make the job of your infrastructure easier you may want to follow my next piece of advice. When un-packaging a Commerce PUP you get four Web Services to manage your commerce engine. Each Web Service has a different Authorization XML store. Let’s find out what Authorization Manager is. Authorization Manager Authorization Manager (commonly known…


Adding Image Management to your Commerce Site Part(II)

So in the last post you learned a bit about gathering requirements in this post we will convert the requirement into a design documents we can use to develop our Image Management System. Image Management Architecture The following figure shows the architecture of our Image Management. The numbers in the figure correspond to brief explanations…


Commerce Server 2007: Profile Integration and Extension Virtual Lab

Event OverviewAfter completing this lab, you will be better able to: Develop solutions with the Profiles Subsystem in Commerce Server 2007 as well as integration with the .NET 2.0 authentication mechanisms. Extend the UserObject profile definition with a new property of type string. Link to Worldwide Events – Event Details – Virtual Lab


Commerce Server 2002 SP4 released

Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 4 (SP4) contains a collection of updates made to Commerce Server 2002 since its release, and includes fixes made in Commerce Server 2002 Service Packs 1, 2, and 3. Link to Download: Commerce Server 2002 SP4   Also: Get the Commerce Server 2002 SP4 Help files


Errors on Commerce Server site on

Recently I was made aware of a few errors on three documents about Commerce Server. The documents in question Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Technical OverviewCommerce Server 2007 EditionsCommerce Server 2007 Data Sheet The Error The documents state that DWA is part of Standard Commerce Server SKU but it’s not. Only the Enterprise SKU has this…