Xen meets its Omega

I got a surprise in my inbox this morning.   An email from Erik Meijer read: The impossible has happened: X# became Xen, Xen became Comega, and Comega has shipped. http://www.research.microsoft.com/research/downloads/default.aspx. Enjoy Matt


X#: There and back again

It looks like X# might just see the light of day afterall, as the foundation of a even more ambitious research language from Microsoft.  This article actually gets most of all the facts right.  Except it doesn’t mention my brilliance anywhere.  X# == Xen == C Omega == X Omega If you have a good idea…


XML: Schema Breeds Intolerance

I was at an offsite a while ago where a bunch of us got together to talk about some technology thing, some potential product or what not, that may not see the light of day for a while.  I had a chance to give a presentation on some of my forays into data query languages. …


Navigating the XPath of Life

Brian Noyles blogs about the XPathNavigator, and how it has improved his life. I spoke last night at the Central Pennsylvania Users Group in Harrisburg, PA. They have a great group and about 35 folks turned out despite snow and nasty weather. Judy Calla is the group lead and gave a nice little beginners talk…


XML: Getting dirty with BMX

Years ago there was a time when I thought XML was evil.  That was back when the whole idea was pretty new to my ears.  The only introduction I’d had to it was a few examples being shown around by Adam Bosworth when he’d come to our group and try to convince us to redo…


The XML Conspiracy

I really shouldn’t be telling you this.  It will probably get me into a lot of trouble.  Still, its not like a lot of people are reading this, so I might as well open up for once and tell you the straight scoop.  XML was a hoax.  This is real.  Not many people know this. …


The XML Pull

What’s all the hubbub about Microsoft’s XML patents?  It’s not as if the company is trying to patent XML itself.  You’d think by all the noise being stirred up over it that Microsoft was trying to steal milk from babies. And believe me, they are not.  In fact, Microsoft GIVES milk to babies. When my son was…