Oops, we did it again

A new update to LINQ preview is available at MSDN site. What’s the coolest new feature?  IMHO, its IQueryable<T>.   DLINQ’s query mechanism has been generalized and available for all to use as part of System.Query.  It implements the Standard Query Operators for you using expression nodes to represent the query. Your queries can now be…


Xen meets its Omega

I got a surprise in my inbox this morning.   An email from Erik Meijer read: The impossible has happened: X# became Xen, Xen became Comega, and Comega has shipped. http://www.research.microsoft.com/research/downloads/default.aspx. Enjoy Matt


Feeling the Love

I think I’ve been spoiled these last so many years. It’s gotten to the point where I cannot program without it.  I’ve tried to do it, on my own, for different projects, on the weekend, late at night, but I find that its just not the same.  I actually need it now.  I hunger for…


Silencing the Audio Angst

After all my whining about my audio problem and how all new technology solutions are still wrong, I went ahead and made the decision to just put together the best thing I could with what was available.  After all, it will be Betsy’s birthday soon and she did ask me to set this whole thing…


ObjectSpaces: What’s the big idea?

Should your data become objects or your objects become data?  That’s the debate.  If you build apps focused around objects and just want those suckers persisted then you want your objects to become data.  If you’ve got a database and you are building apps around that data using an object-oriented language you probably want your…


Drugged out and full of bliss

I’ve got a new drug.  I’m not sure how long its going to last.  Thanks to all the feedback from my prior post.  I got a lot of ideas from everyone who replied, and I acted on one of them.  I purchase the Harmony SST-659 universal remote.  It is programmed via an online wizard from…