LINQ to SQL: Go Rico Go!

Rico has his third installment on LINQ to SQL performance up on his site and he finally lets us in on what he thinks the problems are/were. I’m not sure how many more posts he’s got up his sleeve before he delivers the punch-line, but he’s certainly building up the momentum. Roger Jennings is keeping tabs on…


LINQ to SQL: Ignorance is Bliss

Ian Cooper has written a great article talking about LINQ to SQL and persistence ignorance, and his successes using TDD with projects using LINQ to SQL. I don’t normally link to someone else’s post. Especially with such a great title. But what-the-heck, I’ve got nothing right now. Maybe I’ll write something of my own while I’m slacking…


Luca Spaces Out

Luca has a blog post that says some kind words about me in regards to our work together on ObjectSpaces. Really Luca, you don’t need to convince me of business needs to get me to do your bidding, you just need to convince me it was my idea.