The Blue Screen of Mort

It happened just the other day when I least expected it. No one would have expected it. Not me, not you, not your cousin, your grand-father or your grand-father’s cousin’s dog; no one. Because there was no warning, not even a hint, not a glint or glimmer of possibility. It didn’t even register. It couldn’t…


Luca Spaces Out

Luca has a blog post that says some kind words about me in regards to our work together on ObjectSpaces. Really Luca, you don’t need to convince me of business needs to get me to do your bidding, you just need to convince me it was my idea.


Reddit Randomnes and Wayward SPAM

A few days ago a link to one of my posts was placed on Reddit, a site like Slashdot that is dedicated to reviewing other peoples articles. Instead there was no ‘review’ as such. Just a bunch of flames back and forth over whether the link was to be considered SPAM or not. Apparently, because the…


Agile at Microsoft

Disclaimer: The following material is not advised for those who clicked on this link thinking it was something else. Do not operate heavy machinery or drink hot coffee while reading. Remain seated please; Permanecer sentados por favor. I wasn’t always a proponent of Agile development practices. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know…


The Origin of LINQ to SQL

LINQ to SQL, possibly Microsoft’s first ORM to actually ship in ten years of trying, was never even supposed to exist.  It started out as a humble Visual Studio project on my desktop machine way back in the fall of 2003, long before anyone heard about it, long before anyone even guessed what would come…


Double Dog Data

In my post Dog Days of Summer I told you how a stray dog had adopted my family while on vacation.  I just wanted you all to know that we still have the dog, and yes we did all the prudent and responsible things that a dog owner should.  It turns out she is about nine…


The Dog Days of Summer

Its been difficult to find those few private moments where I can pull out the laptop and commence coding.  I’ve been feeling the itch too often. I need to compile.  Yet the weather has not complied with my wishes.  The rain still pours down from above, ideal for my needs. Unfortunately, this means everyone is…


And there was Rain

It was a long and grueling day.  It started late and ended late, and it was long and excruciating in between.  We knew it going in the night before, we weren’t packed, but at least everything else was done and ready for us to be gone for the week.  Except it wasn’t, not really.  Our…


Less than Express

I’m heading out today on vacation for the week, far away from all things digital, miles and miles away from anything with a functioning central processing until, no cell phone coverage, no bandwidth, just blue skies, mountains, tall green trees and the sea.  Of course, that’s why I’m bringing my laptop, so I can code.  Can…


Hurricane Charlie

To think, there was a time in the past when my home was actually a place of solitude, a veritable utopia of serenity.  I would travel home from work and find nothing but peace, pleasurable silence and often a warm welcome.  Then things changed, not too long ago in the past.  Was it just days ago…