Ominous Post

Something is coming.

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  1. Jorge says:


  2. Mike says:

    Windows 8?

  3. This the best you can do? What kind of super sleuths are you?

    Here's some more clues.

    Starting ____, you'll ____ to ____ the ____ for the _____.

    (Redacted for legal reasons.)

  4. Brian says:

    +1 to Jorge for invoking the Stark mantra…  And -1 to Matt for ___baggery (redacted for moral reasons). 😉

  5. alvinashcraft says:


  6. Erik Johnson says:

    Building a LINQ IQueryable Provider – Part XVIII (IQToolkit 0.18)?

    That would be cool too.

  7. Bryan says:

    Starting Tomorrow, you'll plug-in to access the cloud for the porn?

  8. RichB says:

    Anders said the Roslyn CTP would arrive mid-october. So maybe?

    Starting tomorrow, you'll need to download the install for the CTP?

  9. Dalibor Čarapić says:

    If you need to take a dump then just do it. No need for us to know about it.

  10. Rukai says:

    a big surprise for us??

  11. Frans Bouma says:

    You'll move to facebook/google?

  12. SteveJC says:

    Starting tomorrow, you'll want to watch the news for the verdict on Dr Murrey

  13. JD says:

    Starting any software development project, you'll fail to see the forest for the trees.

  14. Carlos Cunha says:


  15. Larry McCoy says:

    Starting Friday, you'll be able to download the Community Technology Preview for the Visual Studio Rosyln APIs.  ??

  16. Okay, Alvin wins. Its the Roslyn Communitiy Technology Preview.…/roslyn

    This is really for language/compiler gear-heads that want to tinker with source code.

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