Titans of Transparency

There seems to be a lot of controversy over the degree or level of transparency shown by internet era corporations.  The discussion is over more than just the sound-bites of corporate big-wigs on top of the financial food-chain, it’s about the amount of communication in general from the troops at the bottom.  Since the technology today makes it possible, it’s just become expected that everyone open up and start chiming in to the meta-chant that is the modern day blogosphere. The media and its flock tend to ruminate about who posted what when and which audio interview offered the latest tidbit of nauseating insight to some favorite fan-boy product X.

Somewhere, out in the ether is a group think that judges just how transparent any given company is. Are the posts sincere or are they just market-speak? How many bloggers are there? Does the encompassing entity promote the speech or do they surreptitiously squelch it?  Are they really trying to be transparent or is it just some overtly ornate orchestration by which the public is periodically pushed into partaking from the pitcher of presweetened Popsicle punch?  Would I really have just written that if I were under the thumb of some conspiratorial conglomerate? Would I have written it if I were lucid at all?

Of course not!

And now you have proof that not only is the Wayward the genuine article, the article is in fact genuine. For me Transparency is everything. If you need more proof just take a look at my post count. You can’t get more transparent than that. I’m so transparent, I’m nearly invisible.

With Wayward, what you see is what you get.


I could go on, but you’re probably speechless already.  I know I am.

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  1. Recently my time has been taken up with a series of internal issues involving Beta1, C# Samples and various

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