Techmongers Unite!

With the political 'hard-bloggers' getting all the press these days (or should I say 'making' the press), it high time we high-techers got our fair shake.  I mean, really, who wants to hear anymore about this nonsense. It has become mind-numbingly repetetive.  Still, all the action on the web seems to be in the political arena.  But what have they got that we haven't got?  Antiquated opinions? Holier-than-thou stances from the pulpit?  Misguided, misdirected, misapplied logic hidden behind hearsay and sound bites, devised not to inform you, but to play on your emotions?  And that's just the candiates.  The bloggers are worse, a cacophony of rants, poorly presented, L33T spoken, incredulity.  The internet has finally come of age.  We've slash-dotted the presidency.

But enough of that.  We really should focus back on what we do well.  And that's the technology, stupid.  It was good enough before, and it can be that way again.  We've just got to sexy it up a bit.  I'm telling you, the tech-bloggers can be scandalmongers too.  It's in us.  We can do this.  We can bring back the glitz and the glitter.

I'm counting on all of us to pull together.  The future of the world is at stake.

We should get together, have coffee, discuss.

But I digress


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  1. I was really taken back by our "local" news when they started talking about blogging as some new thing invented to keep track of political stories, rumors. You would think that the local press in the greater Seattle area would be more aware of technology and its broad applications (but I guess we are talking about the modern press (who in general are very inspiring – IMHO anyway).

  2. Matt,

    i like the part about the coffee….


    thomas woelfer

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