Double Dog Data

In my post Dog Days of Summer I told you how a stray dog had adopted my family while on vacation.  I just wanted you all to know that we still have the dog, and yes we did all the prudent and responsible things that a dog owner should.  It turns out she is about nine months old, a healthy yellow lab, has all her shots and *ahem* alterations now, is deflea'd, tagged, licensed and chipped and seems to enjoy living in the tranquil park-like setting that is our back yard.

And she's not even alone during the day.  My wife's sister has been using our house as a doggy day-care for the last four years.  Now the two of them spend most of the day together and have become fast friends.  Of course, now they both want to go on walks, get treats and vie for my attention. 

We named her Gypsy after her previous career as a wandering beachcomber and have already taught her to sit and come when called. 


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