The Dog Days of Summer

Its been difficult to find those few private moments where I can pull out the laptop and commence coding.  I've been feeling the itch too often. I need to compile.  Yet the weather has not complied with my wishes.  The rain still pours down from above, ideal for my needs. Unfortunately, this means everyone is piled inside the tiny beach house avoiding the rain; among them children looking for entertainment.  So I comply, and out come the deck of cards and the board games.

Yet, it hasn't been all that bad.  There have been moments when the eternal night subsides, a brief breaking of the clouds and the outdoors becomes once again bearable.  We take to the beach.  Even I need a break, a stroll along the rocky shore.  As we hit the rocks, the dog leaps to its feet and follows.

Strangely, this is a unique and somewhat trying experience.  You see, we didn't come with a dog.

Yet we have one now.  It adopted us last Saturday as Charlie and I strolled on this same stretch of rocks, busy in our quest to find tiny shore crabs nestled under stones.  The dog ran right up to us, begged for some attention and has been hanging out ever since.  We did some investigation, and apparently it is a stray or abandoned.  We've asked up and down the beach and have found a few homes where people have been feeding it for sometime, though no one lays claim.  Everyone thinks someone else down the beach further must own it.  The dog has no collar, id or electronic chip.  It has been living on our deck for the past five days, following us, playing in the water and guarding us from suspicious looking toddlers and an elderly couple.

The word from the local animal shelter is that if no one has reported it missing in twenty-four hours, it is ours if we want it.  I'm certain Charlie wants it.  I guess I do to.  Luckily our home has a large fenced in yard.

We are now officially 'dog people'.  This probably won't sit well with the cats.


Comments (5)

  1. DeepICE says:

    Make sure it knows that charlies fish tank (and the fish in it) are off limits

  2. Congratulations…humans should have dogs, if this is to be beliwved ( we’re only domesticated because dogs made us that way 🙂

  3. jaybaz [MS] says:

    Congrats! I have fond memories of quite a few dogs.

    I also have sad memories. At age 4, watching my mom put Winston to sleep on the kitchen floor.

    He was a stray. No collar, so we knew nothing about his medical history. He didn’t have his shots, and ended up with distemper. He was miserable. A can of starter fluid & a rag put him out that misery.

    So, make sure you get your new dog checked out by a vet.

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