And there was Rain

It was a long and grueling day.  It started late and ended late, and it was long and excruciating in between.  We knew it going in the night before, we weren't packed, but at least everything else was done and ready for us to be gone for the week.  Except it wasn't, not really.  Our early start ended up a really late late start as we pulled out of the drive at 12:15, not the 8:00 am departure we had desired.  Not to be discouraged, we eagerly headed down the road.  It should have only been a two hour drive.  Should have.

We pulled in at about 6:00 pm.  The traffic had been miserable, a crawling nightmare of motor vehicles inching along all the way, and a rainstorm unprecedented for this time of year.  No big deal.  We'd get there eventually.  That's what we thought anyway.  Then in the blinding downpour, we took a wrong turn.  Okay, I took a wrong turn, and we ended up driving thirty miles out of our way on a winding desolate road.  Luckily we didn't have a break down.  Luckily the road ended in a town we were familiar with and could navigate from there.  Luckily my wife didn't kill me.  Luckily, Charlie was preoccupied watching Lilo & Stich on the portable DVD player.

When we finally showed up the rain had stopped.  We were on a wet rocky beach of Hood Canal, a natural Fjord in the Olympic Peninsula.  If you've got a map, find Ayock point.  If you happen to be in control of a planetary weather satellite system, target us and turn off the clouds.  It's still raining.  This is supposed to be the hot month.  Strangely, though, I don't mind so much.  It gives me more excuses to pull out the laptop and write code.  Eerily coincidental, as if the gods of nature looked down upon me and spake "See that programmer geek down there?  Don't waste any sun on him."

We will persevere.


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  1. Lost? Lost? How could you get lost? You’ve only been going out to this cabin once or twice a year for the past 37 years! I don’t think the state of Washington has spent a single dime on any new road construction on the Eastern side of the Olympic penninsula along Hwy 101 in that entire 37 year stretch, so you should have been able to make this trip blind.

    Don’t be discouraged about the rain. It will clear up for at least the last day you’re there. Guaranteed! Every single time I’ve been out at the pad, the weather is always the nicest on the drive home.

    Don’t forget to mark Charlie’s height and if you see Ricky Thompson, please say "Hi" for me.

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