Travelling on Business

I suppose you are wondering why the posts have been coming more infrequent, put up at irregulars hours, especially after that burst of activity in June.  I suppose you are thinking that I'm losing my touch, or I just don't care as much as I once did.  I suppose you might think that life is just getting in the way, that work is just a little too busy for me to spend the time to spill the beans at such breakneck speed.  Of course, you would be wrong, but then again how would you know, since its all been a big secret. 

The truth is, that I'm typing these with the same zeal, inventing new jokes, jabs, rants, raves and mindless twaddle as fast as ever.  It's not me that's changed its something else entirely.  I mean, why would I slow down?  There's not a lot going on here until we arrive anyway. 

The truth is, that I've hooked ride on a new joint venture between Paul and Bill.  Paul's always been the one with the crazy ideas and willing to throw caution into the wind, spend a few billion and make something bizarre happen.  He's had companies come and go, bought downright ludicrous businesses, and spend money on frivolous schemes.  Finally, though, something he had in mind showed promise.  He and Bill are still buddies, so when he had something new, something really good, something out of this world, something he knew that Bill would be interested in, they just got together at the house and talked, and everything started happening the very next day.

You recall all that StarshipOne nonsense a while back?  That was a good stunt for the public, I'll say, but you don't think Paul was really interested in building little puddle-jumpers to take tourists up into the stratosphere?  I mean, that's a suckers bet.  The real money is elsewhere.  The teams that designed that little ship were actually working on a much grander project, albeit in secret.  The launch of StarshipOne was just an excuse for all the prior test launches and just a distraction on that very day when we rocketed into space out of a missile bunker on a small island in the south Pacific.

You see, the posts are slowing down not because of my lack of brilliance, my general slackitude or my lazy fingers, they are not slowing down at all, everything is just going relativistic as we careen faster and faster away from the Earth.  We are out by Pluto's orbit now and still picking up speed.  The continual propulsion engine is going to get us to Arcturus in a matter of months.  There's a machine intelligence there, we finally decode their transmissions.  Paul thought it would be good idea to setup Starwave again.  Bill figured they were in sorry need of an upgrade.

See you when I'm back on vacation.  Of course, you might have aged quite a bit by then.

But I digress


Comments (3)

  1. Matt,

    that explains it. and quite a few other things….

    alien driven development, for example.

    how much older i feel, each time i read one of your posts….


    thomas woelfer

  2. The Younger Brother says:

    Man this outsourcing has really got to stop or do we call this outer-sourcing now?

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