Slow as Molasses

I hate it when it goes slow.  Everything has been blinding fast for months, and now its such a slow crawl that it is driving me a little over the edge.  I'm not talking about the CPU, or the compiler or even my speedy sports car.  I'm talking about my ability to crank out lines of code. 

I just seem to be limping along.  One line here, another there, then a recompile and blizzard of error messages.  Fifteen minutes later all those are sorted out and can I get back to writing?  No..  Silly, me, I must run the code under the debugger and check out what I just did.  Grr. Mistakes, mistakes.  Thank goodness for the debugger, or I'd be frying my machine about now.  Back to the editor, fix, fix, fix, fix, fix, fix..  Better..  Now compile again..  Dang, another long blast of error messages.. 

Rinse.  Repeat.  Rinse.  Repeat.

You can see why it is mind numbingly slow.  This isn't programming.  I feel like I'm trying to convince some old recluse to come out of his log cabin deep in the woods.  He just won't budge.   Maybe in a few hours, I'll coax him to take a peek out the windows.  That'll be time to celebrate.


Comments (2)

  1. Try chocolate, or music, or both.

    Or just go for a 15 minute walk outside.

    Music works best for me.

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