C# Super Heroes

Now that the news about Express is out everyone is extremely giddy.  Well, aren't you?  A fabulous piece of software lands in to your lap at the same time a major new motion picture releases at the box office?  If I were you I'd be torn between what I was going to do next.  Download, install and party on to power programmer paradise or take a ride on the reading railroad all the way down to the megaplex and catch a gander at the new spiderman.  Software, superhero, software, superhero, how can you choose between them? 

Can't stand it any longer? Need to excuse yourself for a moment?  Wait, it gets even better. 

What if you could mix both perfections together?  What if you could experience super heroes and super-de-dooper software at the same time.  I'm not talking about some schmaltzy video game.  I'm talking about C# super heroes!  Okay, I know I've lost most of you, but bear with me for a moment while I explain.  Super heroes have super powers.  C# has super features.  What if you were to invent a super hero based on supernatural programming powers? 

What if instead of spidey-sense, your able-bodied avenger had intellisense? 

ChaosKid:  “Too late,  Nooberman, I've already sabotaged the entire power and communications grid, traffic is at a stand-still, the city is mine!”

Nooberman:  “Luckily, I predicted you would do this and used my refactor ray,  undoing your mess and optimizing the entire network.”

ChaosKid:  “So you say, but the traffic is still in gridlock.”

Nooberman:  “Sure, but did you notice the route to my house?  Wide open.”

ChaosKid:  “Rats!  Foiled again”

Err, I guess that's kind of lame. 


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