Digital Loafers

I was a little lax on the posting this weekend, a selfish sunbaked digital loafer.  I actually had a full two days of family time; no coding, nothing.  Okay, a little bit of coding but not much.  A few lines here or there, who's going to know the difference?  I knew you all would be expecting something stupendous and profound to show up on Saturday or Sunday, and I knew I would not be able to get around to it, so I was afraid you would be angry and start a tantrum. That's why I contacted my network of liars, cheaters and line stealers at the alibi and excuse club.  With their help I prepared a long and involved though quite convincing sob story that will utterly have you eating out of my hands.  Later, I realized that this was a tad unethical, since it would constitute a complete fabrication and I would never do something like that on the Wayward.  I sent a recall to the club members but was unsuccessful at disengaging the prearranged plan.  So, in the next few hours, each of you will be receiving a personalized phone call detailing the intricate reasoning behind my general slackitude.

But I digress


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