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I was watching the Matrix again the other day.  It's full of philosophical statements and themes.  One big point that the movie 'architect' made at the end of the second movie, and was sort of re-enforced by the third movie was the idea that the real world (outside the matrix) was in fact just another aspect of the matrix itself.  The idea was that there will always be those that choose to disbelieve the illusion, no matter how good or desirable the illusion was, so for them an anti-reality was defined where they could exist and be left alone to happily disbelieve in the other reality all they wanted.

I guess this all comes from Zen philosophy, though I'm not too educated on what that all is.   I get the feeling that there must be some underlying rule that for every thing that is, its opposite must also exist.  That got me thinking about the Wayward Weblog, because with this many posts you can't help but be drawn to thinking about it every few minutes. 

The majority of the blog posts here at MSDN are based primarily on themes having to do with, “Let me tell you about the product I'm working on”, “Here are some slides that I showed at a conference last week”, “This is how you do a dev/test/pm/blahdeeblahblah job”, “Let me show you some code I wrote”, “I'm going on vacation so I won't be blogging for a while“, “I'm back from vacation, in the airport and I though to spend the time to link up and post this message“, “This is my dog Skipper”, “This is a long list of examples on how to do 'it' right, because I know and you don't”, “Here's the equivalent of a knowledge base article on a product I know something about, but it's in my own words, really.   Yes it is, I wrote it last night.  Yes, all twenty pages of it.  Yes, I drew that graphic too.  Ugh, I hate it when no one believes me.”  All rather typical, if you frequent the main feed. 

Its enough to make you start to wonder if there isn't something else out there, if you should just swallow that one little pill and follow the rabbit down the hole, because this 'blogging' reality must simply be an illusion, a facade made with only one purpose in mind, to pull the wool over your eyes.  So you must suspect that there is some other reality out there, some place where all of this is unreal, an anti-blog if you will.

And that's really what the Wayward is all about, being the Anti-blog, a place you can sit and relax knowing that your mind is not being pummeled daily by inane bouts of jargon and microspeak, a place where you can sit and think and put a smile on your face, drink a cup of coffee and revel in the ineptitude of others and the silliness of a completely tangential thoughts. 


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  1. Morphus says:

    Knock Knock, Neo

  2. the idea of everything having an opposite is also one of the laws of physics, along with being part of many different religions / philosophies. … with the exception of gravity – noone has been able to find an opposite of gravity yet.

    but it exists as Yin-Yang, Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark, and so many other ways of describing it.

    btw: i own 150 shares of your shares…. so the value on this thing had better go up! 8)

  3. Simon says:

    In all seriousness I think this type of thing must exist, otherwise would fold in on itself as a giant technical reference.

    You should register and point it here!

  4. Matt says:

    I always thought of the expansion of the universe as the opposite of gravity. Everything is pulling together at the same time it is being flung far apart!

  5. So that’s what the Architect said. Aha!

  6. Simon says:

    That reminds me of way back only a few years ago where there was me hypothesising ages and ages ago on a badly rainy day, back in a Physics lesson that maybe… Just maybe gravity just pushed everything apart (and since theres dark matter out there we can’t see, it pushed the odd little bits together), hence explaining why the universes expansion is generally accelerating outwards rather than decelerating.

    Or something stupid like that.

  7. I, for one, am not bored of inept blog entries because they show how worthwhile my life is.

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