Flaming the Feed

Great balls of fire, batman, there was a fire alarm a while ago.  The whole building was evacuated.  I had to finish my last post 'What you definitely don't want to see', before I could add a few more zingers.  Now I've been away from the keyboard so long (stopped off for lunch) that I can't remember them.  (sigh).  

I suspect foul play.  Someone must have pulled the alarm, or something as devious.  They knew I was right in the middle of my writing, the creative juices were flowing, the spice elixir blending into my conciousness, my mind expanding into the infinite universe of possible puns, and I was shot down by a loud boisterous klaxon.  There must have been an unscrupulous individual behind it all.  Jay?  Cyrus?  Somehow both of you seem to post twice during the 'down' time. 

All I can say is, why was I not that clever?

But I digress


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