The Wayward Way of Life

The pressure has been building since the beginning of the month.  The race is on to prove who has the right stuff, and who is just a wannabe, an amateur.  It wouldn't be so difficult but the challengers are many and they are gunning for me.  You see, your favorite wayward weblog is being put to the test, scrutinized by the powers that be to determine if it deserves the title as the all around best new blog.  Jay and Cyrus have thrown down the gauntlet and are nipping at my heels.  I try to outrun them, but they are quick and nibble, and feverish in their endeavor to overtake me, to steal my crown. 

So you can see that I need your help to defend the Wayward way of life.  There is something the wayward community can do to make certain that this blog stays on top, and that the insolent challengers are put down once and for all.

First I need you all to make a list of your closest and dearest email buddies; ten will do, but if you've got more then so be it.  To each of them send the following letter:

Dear <best buddy>

Our international treasure, the Wayward Weblog is under attack by all quarters. Please rise to the challenge to defend the sanctity, honor and all around goodness of this wonderful sight from the rabid dogs that wish to bring it down. 

Here's what you can do. 

  1. Simply forward this letter to ten of your closest and dearest email friends. 
  2. Click on this link as many times as you can before your fingers turn numb.


<Insert Your Name Here>

Thank you for your support.


Comments (3)

  1. Matt says:

    I was hoping to hold off doing that until I could figure out how to make an ‘anti’ link. Every click on to it would either suck hits from your site or add two to mine.

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