More Posts, Less Filling

I'll be the first to admit that the quality of my posts have been stretched a bit thin in the last few weeks.  It seems that all the good posts of the past came on days where that might have been the only post made, sometimes in the midst of a complete post blackout that might have gone on for days.  This tends to point to the conclusion that more posts don't make better posts, that somehow post quality is capped at a particular post quota and that this quantity of post quality is spread out evenly across all posts made over a predetermined post period.  (Did you follow that?)

The Wayward has been a victim of post deterioration, the sapping of the cognitive center of the brain that dreams up the outrageous and the unimaginable.  Trying to keep up the quantity has just left me weak and incapable of typing out another zinger.  Luckily, my Z key still works.  It is not a technical failing of the hardware, it is simply a wetware issue.

So now you might be wondering what I am going to do to rectify the situation.  Am I going to slow down the frantic pace and stop to actually mull over a topic that might garner interest and be applicable to others in their plight to learn, grow and bring home a paycheck? 

Of course not.  What I am going to do is supplement my low quality posts with additional vitamin enriched posts.  These high-powered posts will boost the blog energy and reclaim that youthful exuberance that has been lost along the way.  Think of it as 'Blogade', the drink of choice for the overworked and underpaid, the computer connected internet enshrined rubberneckers of the information super highway.

How is this possible?  The answer lies in 'high density content' packed into every post.   The English language is a funny beast.  It is often possible to pack more punch into a single word than most people find possible to express in an entire post.  These words are energy words.  Instead of rambling on and on with no clear direction, I will replace the entire text of some of my posts with a series of energy words that deliver the content of hundreds of posts in the place of one.  Readers will flock to these powerful posts in droves.  Bloggers will link to my site in hopes of capturing some of the residual energy from these powerful pills.

Of course, I will trickle out these revitalizing wonder posts randomly in hopes to achieve a high degree of Pavlovian response.  You will never know when or where they will appear.  You'll just have to keep on clicking, day in, day out, in hopes of finding one because when you do you will finally discover bliss, material sensation will vanish and you will be adrift in the ether of pure delight. 


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