Cookie Cutter Coding

Its about time that I finally get down to paying the bills.  You knew it could not last forever.  I mean, really, a blog about basically nothing?  Eventually someone would have noticed.  Someone would have said something and then the jig would have been up.  They would have either pulled my account or worse.  So, its sad to say that the Wayward that you once knew and loved is to be no longer.  Its okay.  I'm being a man about it.  I can take it.  After all, there is still a lot I can offer with my new corporate controlled plastic coated personality and committee sanctioned sanitized content.

My  new blog will be titled “Cookie Cutter Coding“

It will contain articles titled: 

  • How to compile the code of your dreams, in Ten Easy Steps
  • What Programmers want to know about Programmers
  • Dev & Test:  A Breed Apart?
  • Five Recipes for a Web Page Fiesta!
  • Quotes from the Manual
  • Who's Who in Dr. Who
  • Mandatory On line Training and You

You see, you're not just losing a pointless series of juvenile blog posts.  You are gaining a fascinating, scintillating cornucopia of serious journalism target marketed at demographic that management thinks might be reading the MSDN feed but are actually just playing solitaire.

But I digress


Comments (1)

  1. Matt,

    nooooooooo. don’t please. pretty please….

    oh. i forgot. it’s you writing this stuff….

    otoh – maybe some real good quotes from the manual wouldn’t hurt. just needs to be the _right_ manual, after all… 🙂


    thomas woelfer

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