It must be blogona

A few visitors arrived late last night while I was sleeping.  Had I known they were waiting I wouldn't have left them there, alone, in the dark.  I wouldn't have ignored them as I arose in the morning and went through my morning ritual.  I wouldn't have taken so much pleasure in my breakfast had I been aware of their plight.  You see, they were there all along, but I did not know, not till later.

Now I'm a perfectly gracious host, even for unexpected, unwelcome visitors as these.  It's not that I loathe them precisely, its just that they are so annoying, always showing up when I least expect them.  And they don't even have the decency to act like normal drop-in guests.  Instead of coming straight to the front door, they arrive at the back and try getting in through an open window.  They know my locks and alarms will be there up front and so try to avoid them altogether.  It's despicable really.  I shouldn't have let them in.  But I did.

Yes, sir, foolish me.  They were waiting to taunt me as I went to get the morning mail.  I could have looked away and pretended I did not see them, but its hard to ignore what is right in front of your eyes.  So I did it.  I clicked on them. 

I hate blog spam.


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