Personal Denial of Service

I'm having trouble connecting into this blog site today.  Maybe its happening to everyone, but somehow it feels like its just me.  I know there were DNS troubles yesterday, and maybe that is still going on.  But I think there is something more to it.  I think someone is trying to stop me from posting.  I think I'm experiencing a personal denial of service.

Sure, call me paranoid, but how is it that I can reach the main site just fine, read all the rest of the posts, but somehow access to my page causes the machine to go into a tailspin dive trying to retrieve it?  Could it be that I have become so popular that they had to move my personal site off to another server, and even that brave machine cannot handle the load of so many visitors?  Or is it actually something much more sinister?  Is there a real villian out there try to throw a wrench into the works and sabotage by daily outpouring?

Its a good thing that I'm holed up in my office with a weeks ration of snack bars and bubbly water.  I might just have to ride out the wave of the obvious attack against my personage, the tsunami sized backlash from the angry mobs after they discovered my deep dark secret.  No longer do they hail the Wayward as the epitome of goodness in a sea of banality, for I have become anti-blogger, the one that must not be read. 

Don't believe me?  A reader sent me proof.  It is worse than I ever feared, the pure evil of it all.  Not only am I partially responsible for the brainwashing of an entire generation, I now have to accept this horror as well.  I might have to spend the rest of my life travelling incongnito, circling the globe in disguise, alone, forever, only seeking the company of others in safe pre-arranged locations, indescrete coffee houses with wi-fi access points so I can at least keep up the posts as I live life on the run.  This must be how Rushdie felt.


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