Spamming the Feed

It has come to my attention that my plethora of posts on so trivial of topics has been construed by some as the equivalent of spam, the blasting of electronic bits down the proverbial throats of others, the unsuspecting masses of web surfers caught in the maelstrom of my mad malignant mind.  Which of course begs the question, is there such as thing as being truly off topic within the grand collective cacophony of voices that are flung out in the blogoverse at the speed of light?  After all, a blog feed is not a newsgroup or a forum thread that is managed by an administrator.  There is no continuity between one message and the next.  There is no governing body that processes the paperwork, observes, scrutinizes, rates and regulates, and grants passage to the digital documents of this modern metropolis. 

When I signed up for this gig I knew what I was getting myself into.  I knew what kind of blog I wanted to create, and what kind I did not.  I am posting here on MSDN as the voice of a Microsoft developer, one that has thoughts and ideas, insights and inspirations all across the board.  Some of my notions pertain to programming, some of them do not.  I try not to wade into any topic that might appear too controversial or against the code of conduct that employees of this company have here at work, not that these are restrictions placed on the use of the blog site, just my own common sense.   I try just to be me, the same guy you'd be talking to at lunch or in a meeting.  Sometimes I am actually as nutty in real life as I seem in my posts.  Sometimes it is just creative license.  Either way, this is the voice that I want reaching out into the void.  This is the voice I want shouting with the multitudes on line, blurring in into obscurity among the fire hose spray that is the feed.


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  1. The Younger Brother says:

    Now class repeat after me, "Thou shalt not blog outside the topic."

    Its all about creativity and unleashing potential. We walk around our buildings on campus all day and enjoy various paintings, sculptures, architectural designs, etc. These aren’t there simply to fill the space between your office and the water-cooler. These items invite you to examine, experience, and be consumed by the creativity these pieces of art flood into our minds. These pieces, for me at least, help expand my field of view and unleash an even greater potential from my mind, through my fingers, and into my own work.

    I say your blogs help fill the space with creativity which helps brighten an otherwise bleak place we call "the feed". The body-builder has his protein drinks to help him reach his goal, and we have your blogs which inspire and enrich our minds allowing us to reach our goals.

    ps. Matt you going to cover lunch again next week?

  2. Toby Henderson says:

    Hear Hear !!!

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