Thunder bored

This movie is probably going to be a stinker.  They really should have kept the puppets.


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  1. Hmm…yup, looking at the Gallery on the site it does have a bit of a ‘Lost In Space – The Movie’ feel…i.e., really really bad.

  2. SBC says:

    I remember the original TV series in England when growing up there as a little kid. After seeing the movie’s website – I think they should have left it there..

  3. Androidi says:

    Has anyone else seen the 2086 version? I would not go compare it with the puppet version, but certainly a favorite in the "serious sci-fi" genre, atleast if you’re still around ten.

    If Thunderbirds was ‘TOS’, then this was exactly ‘TNG’ in every aspect and had an impressive half-cgi intro for ’82, which unfortunately does not show the finer and realistic looking aspects of the animation. You can find the intro (3 MB) here: – just rename to .wmv

    Other similar next generation show I loved was of course MI’88

    (un?)fortunately I saw these ‘next gen’ versions before the originals, so I have a bias for these.

    Unfortunately I also saw the trailer for "Thunder Bored", and I have no doubt it will be as dull to the fans of the older series as the director himself is in TNG. If you have 5 year old kids, they could like it though.

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