Farm Fun Fantastic

 I had the chance to visit Remlinger Farms today.  It is a working berry farm turned into a park used for office picnics and such; somewhat like a mini version of Knotts Berry Farm, but with only teeny rides for toddlers.  This was the year end picnic for my sons preschool. It was his first experience at a 'fun park'.  He had a great time.  This is the same place that Microsoft uses to host their yearly summer company picnic.  Though I've been at the company for nearly a decade, I've never attended one. Too many people, packed in like sardines in a can.  I'm just not that brave.  It is a moral event gone awry.  I'm sure a lot of good people put a lot of effort into organizing it each year, but seriously, it is lost on me and most of the people I know.  But then again, I'm an anti-social hermit programmer type that'd do better in a 'coding' pod floating in outer space that to actually be near other human beings.  Go figure.



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