Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Writing lots of posts of day is very exhausting.  To be able to do it, you've got to practice a lot, exercising your fingers and your mind.  Those that only post once a week or so never get to this point.  They can slog out whatever they want at whatever pace, but someone like me needs to be prepared, well rested, with a noggin in prime condition, so I can punch out multiple posts a day. 

It takes a while to get to this point. First you start out thinking, “Ya, I'll post once a day.”  But you don't do it.  You think you are going to do it.  You tell yourself you are going to, but then there is always something that gets in the way, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, actually working.  Whatever it is, it somehow becomes more important than the post.  This is how you start the downward slope.  Pretty soon, you haven't even blogged in a week, then a month.  Then you don't even remember your password.

It doesn't have to be this way. With my revolutionary method, you too can be a multiple-a-day poster, and its not time consuming or difficult.  Only thirty minutes a day and you'll soon be back in top condition writing about whatever suits your fancy, writing just because you can, writing for no other reason than to make your post count climb.

The secret is the warm-up post.  Trying to be witty, smart or insightful right off the bat without any sort of warm up is just plain suicidal.  You'll wear yourself out.  You'll pull a muscle.  Your brain will spasm, and then you'll be no good for the rest of the day whether you had ideas for three more posts or not.  What you need to do is start out slowly.  Every morning sit down and type up your warm-up post.  It does not have to be long, or witty or even make any sense.  It just has to be words.  By the time your are done you'll have a big block of text that you can submit.  Sure, it won't do anyone else any good, but that's not the point, its just the starter, it gets your creative juices flowing.  By the time you've got a few paragraphs punched out you'll be ready for the final push that jump start your day. 

The catchy title; it's where you brain truly turns on.  Just a few words, maybe pulled out of a bizarre phrase you find in the random sentences you have spit out.  If you are up to speed, you'll likely even think of a pun.  If not, no worries.  The next post will be much better, guaranteed or your money back.


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  1. Matt,

    i call it the wake-up post. its the one /w the coffee mug in my hands.

    there’s also good-night posts. these are comments, actually. /w a glass of red wine in my hands. like this one.

    days are _so_ asymetric.



    thomas woelfer

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