Flavor Free Cola

Cola must not be a flavor anymore.  It was at one time, long ago.  Now, there's cherry, vanilla, lemon and lime all added in, separate products, separate tastes.  I cannot image any other explanation other than the flavor of cola has become so ubiquitous, it has become a non flavor.  Coca Cola, Pepsi and all the wannabes, they've been doing the new-flavor shuffle for a long time now.  Cola is such a common drink, more common than coffee, probably more common than water for many people that it has become as water.  I think we must have adapted somewhere along the way, our bodies evolving to adhere to the new cola lifestyle.  We've changed so much, our taste buds no longer register the taste.  It has become the default.  Now we need new additives to add back that zing, to sparkle our punch and fool us into thinking we are drinking something worth the bother.  Eventually, even these new additions will become old hat, and the marketing geniuses at the sugar water headquarters will have to think of something new.  Once they've tried all the common citrus and other standard flavorings what will be next?  I dread to think of it.


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  1. Richard says:

    Who cares as long as it’s caffinated.

    Coke with paracetamol?

    Aspirin Pepsi?

    "Drink as much as you like without the caffine headache"

  2. They will simply start combining flavours like this: "cherry and lime" or "vanilla and cherry".

    After some time, the two-pieces combinations will also be all used, and then they will start using three flavours combinations, and so on. 🙂

    This will not stop even when we [the humanity] will manage to find a way to transplant our brains to [immortal] electronic devices, and/or when the favours will be simple electronic methods which individuals can access through XML Web Services, like:

    //this is an instance of Person class, and refers to our selves 🙂


    new CocaCola.Service().GetJuice(



    //note the multiple params method allowing a list of flavors to be requested. 🙂

    After some time, percentages will be added to allow you enter exact values of how much of each flavor to get 🙂

    The conclusion: in my opinion, people’ minds will always have ideas for getting new stuff to enjoy.

  3. Vinny says:

    the idea of having Coca-cola/Mountain Dew hybrid is just ecstasy

  4. Androidi says:

    Haven’t really liked CC for a long time, MD is fine still though.

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